Studford Luxury Lodges

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Studford Luxury Lodges

Last time I was up at Studford Luxury Lodges it was still Winter with no leaves on the trees and not so green grass.

Whilst the site is still not fully mature, it’s coming along very nicely and looking great, – almost as if you’ve stepped out of Yorkshire and into a little bit of Canada.

Finally after several aborted attempts to get up there to capture the lodges in their ‘Summer’ setting, the weather played fair yesterday and allowed these results.

It’s a great little project and I’ve really enjoyed capturing these for owner Rob Fawcett.

Full his res gallery for the clients is available by clicking here

Studford June01 Studford June02 Studford June03 Studford June04 Studford June05 Studford June06 Studford June07 Studford June08 Studford June09 Studford June10 Studford June11 Studford June12 Studford June13 Studford June14 Studford June15 Studford June16 Studford June17 Studford June18 Studford June19 Studford June20 Studford June21 Studford June22 Studford June23 Studford June24 Studford June25 Studford June26 Studford June27 Studford June28 Studford June29 Studford June30 Studford June31 Studford June32 Studford June33 Studford June34 Studford June35 Studford June36 Studford June37 Studford June38 Studford June39 Studford June40 Studford June41 Studford June42 Studford June43 Studford June44 Studford June45 Studford June46 Studford June47 Studford June48 Studford June49 Studford June50

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